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Re: Slow Aikido

I was at boulder aikikai for a few years, and often felt that stamina was just as important as technique. then I came to japan and practiced at a "slow" dojo, where everyone attacked in a heavy way. there was also a lot more personal instruction from the yudansha.I liked it better and feel like I really improved while I was there. then I moved and the dojo I'm at now is a "fast" dojo, where very rarely does anyone attack "heavily". I feel like I've gotten worse instead of better in the last 3 years. I will probably move again in the next year or so, so I hope to find another slow dojo. I think when you do a techinique fast you can fake your way through it, as well as the attack being light, and easy to move the person. with a heavy attack, I really have to move from my center and not use muscle, because most of the people are stronger than I am. that's why I think it makes me improve.
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