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Marc Kupper
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Re: Article: Customizing the Dogi by "The Mirror"

That was a good article Janet. A follow-up article idea for us severely sewing challenged folks is a how-to on sewing hems. Many dogi legs and arms are too long. People roll them up and they unroll in a few minutes.

BTW - some martial arts stores sell pants that have elastic waistbands. I got one of mine from (site's down this instant) and they have elastic plus a nylon drawstring. I usually tie the drawstring just in case but the elastic alone should work for the average class. I definitely prefer the nylon drawstring over the traditional cotton string as the cotton ones seem to seize in place after a particularly energetic class and I'm left standing in the changing room trying to get the string to slide even a fraction of an inch so I can get the pants off. I definitely don't need to worry about these falling off!

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