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Re: Rank-Aikido (pun intended)

David Valadez wrote:

I actually have this kind of thing come up quite a bit in our dojo. We have a 39/40 year old woman that is just over five feet. She's been with me for a long time and she trains daily.


I did all the stuff to show her that muscling was not the only option, even before one develops decent kokyu skills. I did the pinky techniques, I did the one leg versions, the up on the toes and on one leg versions, etc. I had her push on me as hard as she could. I had her and two other folks push against me as hard as they could, etc. I did the techniques on her ukes in this way, etc. It didn't really work. She was stuck on muscling.

I'm new to Aikido. I don't think I'm qualified to question any one's teaching method.

But I found it rather disturbing.

There is a aikidoda who has been tained hard under you for a long time. You perfectly understand the usage of Ki. Somehow, this particular aikidoda hasn't had a clue about what you've been doing. Now, you brought up the problem of "Rank" aikido, i.e. some higher ranking aikidoda lack of "Ki" in demostration.

Have you answered your own question?

I suppose if all the "ranking" aikidoda had the "ki" ability of O'Sensei, there wouldn't be any of the "rank" aikido problem.

"I did all the stuff to show her that muscling was not the only option"

I thought "muscling" was NOT an option at all. If you're muscling, you're not doing Aikido. The whole kihon waza was to develop Ki. If you still need muscling in a "kata" form traing, what's the point of KATA training?

I bet you $100 dollars that the aforementioned aikidoda can't do a 1000 bokken cut without a rest. I bet you $200 that she can't do a simple static katadori ikkyo with a strong uke.

I may sound a little mad in my tone. Please don't take it personal. But in order to be truthful. You can consider it as my full resistant uke to you nage.
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