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Unhappy Re: help on drawing and sheath the sword

wow i counted at least six posts warning with stories and images of training without a teacher,

i share everyone's sentiments that its great that you want to learn but really... this is serious.

I have practiced iaido for 4 years now, and started out for six months with a bokken, and even now only use an iaito.

I agree with everyone's posts, and will add mine to the list. Go to a seminar, or find a teacher.

In the short term, you can severly damage or even kill yourself, in the long term you will establish poor fundamentals which will be difificult to unlearn. Which will ultimately lead to more accidents and dissapointment.

I wonder if this may be an issue of not respecting the katana, or the practice of Iaido. As everyone has made very clear, the consequenses of improper training are huge.

good luck. and pleaseplease be careful.

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