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Re: How serious a teacher are you?

I go to learn my Aikido by studying the principles through teaching those techniques that focus on those principles. I study by watching the learning of the students and practicing with them what I have taught to see if any can resist the technique. I teach to learn since I do not get to see my Shihan that often. My students are my teachers and the best ones are the ones that are the most clumsy or the least natural . . . they teach me the most about Aikido.

I am not very serious about my teaching but I am serious about my learning. The students have to follow the questions I pose myself and learn what they can pick up.

The students are my experimental labs to see if what I see as a principle actually is a principle or whether I am mistaken. If it is a correct principle, then their Aikido and my Aikido should both improve through the understanding, practice, and application of that principle.

Is there a lesson plan? In my mind, it is the question / principle that I have been working on to expand and practice. I have been working on just one for the last 8 months. One of the students last night just realised that with an exclamation "this wha we be workin on for last year!" "Yup, actually just eight months."

There is, of course, always some time for a little side excursion into another related principle every once in a while. Those excursions tend to be about how those other principles interrelate with the one that I am working on.

For those curious, I have presently been working on, for the past two years, the issue of the shifting of weight distribution through movement of the hip and feet in order to generate power and speed of technique and ability to move correctly . . . . . basically, tori fune kogi undo. I guess I may have actually been working on this for about the seven years.

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