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Re: I Want That Wrist!

Top-of-the-morning to you Ian! <g>

Howisit? Yesterday while outside in the wind I found that answer just blowing around in the wind. Seeing as it didn't appear to belong to anyone else I took it inside with me and now have it in my sole possession.

You see it's all about achieving a balance and seeking to maintain that balance no matter the circumstance(s) that we may find ourselves in at any given moment. It's certainly easy(ier) to maintain one's (inner) balance when all is well in one's personal world. It's when we hit those rough waters in our lives that it becomes a bit more difficult to maintain that same (inner\mental\emotional) balance. That is what the lifelong aikido training is all about. Learning as best as one is able to learn how to maintain one's inner balance both when all is well in one's world and when all around one the world appears to have gone totally insane and everything appears completely unbalanced, unfair, unjust, doneright cruel, miserable, hopeless and just plain stupid.

The physical side of aikido training is in fact essentially intended to try to teach one how to instinctively react to a physical threat in such a way as to allow one to deal both appropriately and justly so as to not leave one (anyone - attacker or defender) in a serious state of (inner mental\emotional) or physical inbalance (dead or permanently disabled).

As many as there may be of fellas who might verbally boast that they are so bad (tough) that if anyone messes with them they could and would kill that person(s) there is no doubt quite a difference between verbal boasting and actually doing such a thing.

What would *you* feel if you ended up killing someone believing yourself totally justified at the moment you killed them only to learn afterwards that there were in fact facts which you were unaware of, and had you been aware of those facts you would never have even considered killing them? How would you feel about that after learning about those previously unknown to you facts? Would you, if given the choice, want that additional burden in your life experiences of knowing that you (perhaps) wrongly killed someone?

I actually met a man who had in fact been convicted of a homicide who was sent to prison and then released on parole after serving a good number of years in prison. I did not know this about him when and where I met him. It was in a bar. I was drunk and so was he. We had words. Sometime later in that same evening out back behind that same bar he almost strangled me to death. Trust me it was that close. I felt that last breath and knew it was the last I would have and had it not been for a keen bartender who picked up on the situation and made it his business to follow the two of us out behind the bar and then pull this fellow off of me I would not be alive today. It was only after he pulled this guy off of me that the bartender told me to watch out for that guy because that guy had only recently been conditionally released from prison having been convicted of and done time in prison for murder. Do you know I saw that same guy who almost killed me the night before the very next morning and do you know he actually apologized to me. That's a fact. A real-life lesson there. We don't all have to make the same mistakes. We *can* learn from the mistakes made by others as easy as we can learn by the knowledge others have obtained that we would like to have ourselves. Peace, Justice & Love.



"You are a child of the universe. Like the trees and the stars, you have a right to be here". - M. E. "Desiderata"
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