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Re: Rank-Aikido (pun intended)

Wow, i never thought id say this (in this post at least) but i fully agree with David on this one. This is the way it should be done.


My main point in this whole idea of Rank Aikido is that in a lot of cases the uki in question isn't taking a dive out of respect for sensei or some kind of undying loyalty, they are merely being that little bit less resistent to allow sensei to demonstrate a technique to the class/course/seminar. when the students begin to train individually THEY will, individually, learn where the weaknessess (if there are any) lie in the technique shown, and that's always assuming they copy doshu (insert anyother name you want here) exactly. I think the purpose of a sensei is to guide you on the way, not to give you something to copy step for step and blow for blow.

So if uki is being more comlient, than is practical, for sensei when they are demonstrating technique (wherever the setting) then is this really such a bad thing?

When does a class learn more?

1) When they are given a demonstration of a technique in it's entirity, all be it a little loosely
2) When they sit in seiza for 25 mins watching someone try all they can to resist sensei's technique

!But he is a sensei! i hear you all yell !He should be able to control his uki! well yes he probably could, but as we all know, when a technique is being applied practically every time you soon run out of uki (well willing uki anyway, you could always strike a deal; with the local jailor to let you have 10 criminals for each class and 30 for a course/seminar....because seminars last longer.......actually i think i might be on to something here, it would solve the problem of rank aikido and over crowded prisons ; ) )

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