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hello everyone.
I am a young, female aikidoka witht he rank sankyu. at my dojo it is rather small and most of the aikidoka there are adults. me being a teenager i often get underestimated and treated like a child by some of the beginner students. even though i am a higher grade then them. Our dojo is very small and the senpais and senseis are very good and do not treat me like this however whenever a new beginner comes into the class and i am paired up with them they think that because im a young teenage girl that i dont know any better then them. I still classify myself as a beginner being only 3rd kyuu, but i have been told i am a good senpai and a great help to a lot of beginners by some of the higher ranking students.
I guess what is really bothering me is the stereo typing of age and sex. just because im young and female doesnt mean that i dont knwo what im talking about. These beginners that come in and are partnered with me treat me as inferior and like im a stupid child. But whats worse is theres also two other 3rd Kyuus who treat me like this as well. And although they are equal to me in rank, i have been told and i can see my aikido is a lot better then theres. Whenever i try to offer advice or suggestions, (not telling them how to do it just saying "try extending more ki, or, try to get me a bit more off balance" or something to that extent) i get snapped at and told that they know what there doing and there doing it right. and yet they feel they have the right to snap at me and TELL me what to do. yes i take all there information and advice into consideration and practice but i do not appreciate them not willing to learn off me. All these people are older then me by many years and see me as just some kid. I am getting annoyed and extremely frustrated at these people underestimating my ability. I want to be treated as an equal or as someone who can help them further there understanding. Yes i am a begginer myself but i am still able to help them in someway, even if it is small. i have been doing aikido for 3 years now, and train as often as i can, i am always willing to learn off others even people with a lower grade then me as they can often teach the higher grades about moving people who have limited or no understanding of aikido and how to react to a technique. I guess i just want some advice from people on how to deal with this issue. any help people?
Hahaha... i know EXACTLY what you're going through. Im female, 15 years old and 3rd kyu as well. (what a coincidence)

Try searching on some of these threads --
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These are some of the threads i started when i was having some difficulty with age sex and rank. You might see some good advice there.

It will all pass, with time... either that or you'll learn not to worry about it, thats what i learned... the hard way.

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