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Re: Aikido and being Christian

Kevin Leavitt wrote:
I believe Jun's point (at least mine is this!), that the topic has become "off" since it is dealing with only "I'm right, your wrong", and is not constructive and seeking to understand how the two concepts can work together.
...... Do you have anything to contribute to how a Christian might be able reconcile personal beliefs with those of aikido, or is it simply going to be more of "it doesn't work good together"?
I concur. There is far too much useful correspondence to be had in actually finding common ground in which Aikido and Christianity can each inform the other.
We can move beyond the following pointless paradigm some frame their argument around.
Aikido = WRONG. Christianity=RIGHT
It is like saying Air = Right and Health Insurance = Wrong.
One is more immediate and one much less so. In the proper circumstance each may save your life, and the lack may cost you dearly.
This is particularly so when the versions of each we keep hearing are not necessarily anything but a narrow personal opinion of the faith or of the art, as I keep gently tying to point out.

There is much here to usefully discuss in relating the TWO of them. I hope it can be done. I will try.


Erick Mead
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