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Re: Aikido and being Christian

To Kevin,
no one is good, no one can become good...this lie is what sends people out of God's sight
Where in the world did I say that? IMHO people exist...they are neither good nor bad they simply "are". Good and bad are relative judgements based on perception and society. What would represent "bad" in my book is that which causes "harm".

People can choose certain actions a responses. Those actions may be judged good, or bad depending on the circumstance. How this relates to aikido is that it is a physical practice that shows us that their are many options to dealing with things/situations that are presented to us in life.

To me, this concept lay outside of religion and any dogma and can be accepted universally by all humans. If you choose not to, then that is your choice. drive on.

The reason I am "wasting my time" on here is simple: To tell people what Christianity is, and to stop the perversion of the Gospel as it was being done by people who said they were followers of Christ.
I beleive we understand your position. and as you stated, unless I misunderstand, you don't see how aikido and christianity can be reconciled, so what else is there to say other than to re-hash the same old thing?

I believe Jun's point (at least mine is this!), that the topic has become "off" since it is dealing with only "I'm right, your wrong", and is not constructive and seeking to understand how the two concepts can work together.

I think in this world we have plenty of people out there that understand the underpinnings of the causes of conflict and differences we all have, what we really need is people that can offer new insight, understanding, and solutions on how we can solve conflict and problems....not to furtther point out the differences.

Do you have anything to contribute to how a Christian might be able reconcile personal beliefs with those of aikido, or is it simply going to be more of "it doesn't work good together"?

Sorry to be so blunt, but that is the long and short of it I believe.
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