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Re: underestimated

I am 35 years old and have been training in aikido for almost 6.5 years now, and I still get the cockiness from newbies. I have experienced this with some males (usually young with previous martial arts experience), but I have also experienced one cocky female newbie. It's just part of them being new and trying to prove themselves to you. I found the best way to deal with that is emote confidence and to throw them appropriately letting them "feel" the throw but thrown with enough control where they don't get hurt. Out of 6.5 years of training, I literally pulled rank once and that was about 9 months ago. But, mostly you don't need to pull rank. Just smile to yourself and let that kind of thing pass.

Also, as far as when people your equal in rank correct you there is nothing wrong with feigning confusion and calling the sensei over to "help." If you are in the right, then your sensei will reinforce what you are saying.

Also, speak to your sensei and and a trusted sempai and describe the problems your having. In most cases, they are like that with everyone. The sensei or sempai could give you advice on how to deal with it and also they can keep an eye out and step in if need be.

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