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Re: underestimated

however whenever a new beginner comes into the class and i am paired up with them they think that because im a young teenage girl that i dont know any better then them.
Unfortunately (or fortunately) as women, we often have to earn the respect of beginners despite our rank. This involves carrying yourself like a senior student: projecting confidence without appearing cocky, gently correcting, and being firm when things get out of hand.

Often, beginners (male or female) want to try to impress you, maybe by flying through a technique or cranking on a lock. Don't contest with it, blend with it and redirect it. Get them to want to learn. Gently bring them back with confidence: "Slow down a little. Work on the correct footwork. Step here and you won't have to pull so hard." If you get angry, you won't blend.

Show them that you deserve respect. And you do this by carrying yourself in a manner that actually does deserve respect, using your skill and maturity (the latter mostly). I am far younger than most people that come into the dojo, but it doesn't matter. Often, they don't even know how young I am because of the way I carry myself.

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