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Re: Aiki Doh's

Im not going in to any more of my aiki - D'ohs ..... especially as it would take forever where I teach the mini-mes
Although I do have 1 little story .... about one of my rangers
5yr old lad ... my daughters best friend, son of my close friend.
right ... nipper comes to my house to have tea, and then I was going to take both the darling to aikido .... he took one look at me ... pursed his lips like he was thinking about something .... then bowed as he entered my house !!!
he continued to bow for everything after that .... drink of water .... going to the toilet .... asking to get the colouring books out .... IT ROCKED!
(talk about a power trip) .... i did try to tell him ...... HONEST!!!!

Dance your cares away .... worry for another day ... let the music play .... down in fraggle rock!

when bored ... do as I do. Poke a patient!
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