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Re: Detroit Dojos

They Yoshokai Dojo's would be pretty good to visit. They are run by a very talented practitioner named Kushida Takeshi Sensei. Not sure of his rank, 8th-9th dan-ish. He bases his organization off of Yoshinkan techniques with Yagyu Shinkage Ryu and Musou Ryu weapons. When people from my organization visit Yoshokai schools we go patchless and we a white belt. As a matter of fact, whenever I travel anywhere I always bring a dogi and white belt. There is the Anshinkan Dojo in, I think, Birmingham Michigan which is north of Detroit off of I-75. They do Yoshinkan Style Aikido as well as Iaido. Dojo Cho is Marcus Schoon, 4th Dan. They charge like $15 mat fee for guests though, at least they did when I visited there. There is the Kachikikan Dojo in Redford, Mi but that is at a middleschool, right after school gets out, and almost all students are of that age group (5-8th grade, with a couple of highschoolers and 2 adult teachers), also a Yoshinkan-based teaching. I can recomend the school where I was a live-in student at, its in Windsor, Canada...really close to Detroit, and right off of the Canada/USA bridge(oddly enough just south of Detroit). You can expect great training there, very friendly people, and larger class sizes (20-30's). Dojo-Cho is an 8th Dan there. If you head down to Ohio for any reason give contact me and I'd love to train with you...I might even be up to the Windsor dojo while your in Detroit, I'd be more than happy to introduce you around up there. My dojo in Ohio is more set up from Aikikai influence, based off of the AAA, Fumio Toyoda Sensei's organization, but we have heavy Yoshinkan Influence (as far as basic principals, philosophy, and techniques, but our testing and training methods are more of an aikikai format). I'm about 1.5 hrs from Windsor right now, so I go up there about 2x a month. Be forwarned that many dojo might be closed for the holidays though, so try to get in contact with the chief instructor or administrator/secretaries before you visit anyplace. Need any more info and let me know, I'd be more than happy to research some website/contact numbers for you, but right now I'm actually running late for class.

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