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Re: Aikido and being Christian

I challenge Matt as well to drag the topic back on point:

Granted that faith is expressed in the works we choose or are called to perform. Conflict is a matter in which we are not ncessarily given to choose, but rather it may choose us ( a very different form of vocation, but no less valid, even so) Conflict typically does not consult our particular feelings in the matter. Christianity and Aikido both have useful suggestions about the management of undesired conflict. Neither has much to say about the active instigaiton of conflict, except negatively, the temple scouring being a notable exception.

I am sorry you have personally abandoned the practice of aikido, as you prior posts indicate. And yet your interest and participation continues. Even if your only remaining interest is proselytizing, we should still engage with one another on common ground. The essential purposes of Aikido and Chrisitanity may be, in your view, incompatible, but that does not per se show that their means are not compatible. This still leaves them potentially helpful cooperative partners in a common venture to deal with undesired conflict.

Professor Goldsbury's point is well taken. O-Sensei himself, as shown in his commetns to his uchideshi Andre Nocquet Sensei, certainly saw Aikido as an aid and adjunct to the practice of any religion. He just as clearly did not see it as any substiitute or independent system of belief or basis for faith.

The pen and paper are not the mountain that one may depict with them. Drawing one's own image of the mountain may aid one in understanding it, however. However imperfectly, it may also allow one to transmit an idea or sense of the mountain to others who have not seen it, or at least not this side of it.

Aikido and Christianity have useful things to impart to one another, regardless whether one subscribes to a monolithic, crystalline worldview or one that is more ineffable and organic in sensibility.

To focus on compatibility of means then, rather than ends: Please tell us how Aikido does NOT answer up to the Christian admonition to turn the other cheek, especially as Himself was silent on what to do when the poor fool took the second swing?

Erick Mead
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