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Re: Aikido and being Christian

Hi Jun,
I whole heartedly believe that these posts by not only myself, but others also, directly reflect the issue of aikido and how it relates to being a Christian. Because ultimately, the two have nothing in common. One is based on a system of self defense, deeply rooted in a Shinto/Omoto religion, the other is a gift freely given by the God of the universe. The importance of talking about a "religion" like Christianity is to show how different it is to everything else, because there are people who believe that what aikido offers is just as good as any religion. I would say "Yes! This is true." Aikido can be looked at with the same eyes as Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, Christian Science, etc...however, because Christianity is NOT a religion, but a relationship with Jesus Christ and belief in Him alone, it is different from religions of the world. To say that the posts are "getting off track" is not really the case, because anytime someone brings up Christianity and how it relates to something other than Christ Jesus becomes something other than Christianity. You could say "Aikido and the teachings of Jesus Christ, diregarding all of His teachings about Him being the only way to salvation or His death or His resurrection or His ascention into heaven," and then discuss how those two topics relate to each other. But, to post a thread stating, "Aikido and Being a Christian," and then to discuss anything other than how it is possible to be a Christian and learn aikido self defense minus the mysticism...anything about how they relate to each other is "getting off track." They do not relate to each other. Anything that takes the focus off of Jesus Christ is not Christianity, so the real question might be, "Can true Christianity be discussed with regards to an aikido website?"

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