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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

Keith Lee wrote:

I think Aikido is very well suited for use in situations with people who are going to offer only mild resistence. Great for correctional facilitites, arrests, psych wards etc. In fact, it's probably the ideal methodology for dealing with such people. Control without injury is the ideal goal for LEOs in my opinion.

As for the Martial Artist quote...I don't know if I particularly agree. I mean, I understand the underlying meaning of the quote and agree with it but a black belt in BJJ/Sambo/MMA is a world away from a black belt in Aikido or even Karate/TKD. Grappling and Live training/fighting is of the utmost importance, it just can't be denied. Everyone needs, at the least, a rough familiarity with it. Again, with the caveat of Kevin's excellent post earlier of as what one can define as combat. However, ONLY if the person's desire is to be combat effective with their combat training. If a person only desires personal refinement through physical training that I believe any Budo is the correct path.

Also Kevin, I saw somewhere else in the forums you were encouraging Sambo! Going to make a convert out of you yet!
Wow...I work in Law Enforcment and I can say that the people who decide to fight don't offer "mild resistance" they fight like thier lives depend on it. The practice of Aikido has helped me more times than I can count. I have used it to exact compliance, restrain, and end fights. Granted controlling tecniques will be easier to apply with a "mildly resisting" subject, but in my line of work you treat everyone like it is going to be your last fight. becuse when you get complacent you get dead real quick. So knowing what I know I will say that Aikido works for me in Fights. Even against Resisting people, becuse everybody I deal with is resisting. oh well just my two cents worth.
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