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Re: Rank-Aikido (pun intended)

Hello David,

Yes, I have read your previous post, and other posts, and stand by what I stated earlier. In your first post I picked up the following points especially.

1. The definition of rank aikido:
"Aikido that 'functions' only in accordance to both the rank of your own person and the rank of your Uke, where if your rank is greater (especially significantly greater) than Uke's, your tactical architecture will be allowed to succeed no matter how ill-performed and/or ill-designed."
I believe that this takes place regardless of rank or affiliation and so might need to be expressed in another way.

2. The close analysis of Doshufs technique (as nage):
gHowever, if you look at the photos, you cannot help but to notice a body alignment (i.e. a lack of body alignment) that would get most Nage to "fail" in their application of the technique. If one were to have a higher ranked Uke, this type of body mechanics would not provide the necessary mechanical advantage to function as designed or as attempted. This is not because a lower ranked aikidoka could not (i.e. unskilled) transfer their weight/center into their hands in order to apply enough weight/mass to bring Uke back from the outside to their centerline/center. Rather, this is because an Uke who could (equally) transfer their weight to their feet/base opts to do so if they have higher rank Nage but opts not to do so if they have lower rank Nage.h
I believe that three still pictures do not form an adequate basis for the opinions that follow the first sentence of the above paragraph.

If you really want to separate the discussion of the first point from the second, perhaps it would have been better to choose different pictures. I think you have managed to upset quite a few people by choosing to illustrate a very valid point with pictures of the present Doshu. Of course, this is the Internet, so if you cannot stand the heatc

Yes, Chiba Sensei was my sensei, too and I have also discussed the question of honesty with him. However, I know from long experience of discussing the subject with Chiba Sensei that ecross-culturalf honesty is extremely difficult, much more difficult than is perhaps realized in this thread.

Anyway, as a member of the Aikikai with a close relationship to the present Doshu, whose reputation I do not wish to undermine in any way, I bow out of this discussion.

Best regards,

P A Goldsbury
Hiroshima, Japan
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