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Mike Haftel
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Re: Aiki Doh's

This isn't Aikido related, but a "doh" nonetheless.

It was the day before my test for next rank in one of the arts I study and I was at a regional martial arts festival/seminar with sensei. He is only in town for testing and the occasional seminar. We wear these Chinese/Kung Fu style gi tops with long sleaves. I had cut the sleaves off at the elbow to allow better movement and it was just more comfortable that way. However, I never hemmed the frayed ends so it looked all tattered and torn.

Sensei looked over at me about an hour into the seminar and gave me a stern look, "what happened to your sleaves?" I cut them... "No. You don't do that! You WILL have them fixed by the next time I see you."

Well, it turns out that the next time I would see him would be the next day at my test. We were a good 5 hours away from home and I had to get a friend of mine to hemm my gi top at 3 in the morning before my test at 7:00 am.
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