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Re: Rank-Aikido (pun intended)

Peter A Goldsbury wrote:
Hello Charles,

Originally, I wrote a much longer post, but then I read Peter Rehse's comments on Budoseek and shortened it.

Best regards,
Well, he said basically

Peter Rehse wrote:
I also think David was confusing demonstration with actual testing of technique. He makes that clear later in the thread. Uke does have a role in the demonstration that is different from that in some forms of training.
I think that for any serious teacher a demo is simply training. Only difference is you have some spectators. Of course, some may be tented to do show off, to pretend to be O sensei by trying to do mimic his way of doing the techniques, but in reality, they are cheating themselves.

As one day Chiba sensei said: the most important thing to an aikidoka is to be sincere. This can happen on many levels, and pretenders are quickly detected and got appropriated reputation.

Sooooo....... yes, basically when you do a demo as instructor, you present understanding aikido at your own level. As instructor you happen to teach your students at the same time. If you pretend to do the techniques at level that is too advanced for you(so uke must tank in order to make technique work and/or look "GOOD"), they will learn that such behavior is “a standard” and will pass it to their students. This is how McDonaldisation aikido is created.


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