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There is no 6th kyu on the video because there is no 6th kyu level for the USAF-ER. We start testing at 5th kyu.

Also regarding the ushiro ukemi for iriminage, that is how it is commonly practiced in the USAF-ER at a basic level. If you watch Donovan's Ukemi video there is an explanation as how to do this. But, I know exactly what you're talking about. It is correct that if you try to tuck the inside the foot that the nage's leg will get in the way and you will either be planted on your derrier or have to take a side fall. There is a simple adjustment you can make. As we practice it, you take a small step to the side with the outside foot first then go down on the inside leg. Once you figure this out you will be able to do this ukemi more easily, and you will be able to avoid nage's leg. As a result, you will be practicing a much softer ukemi and it's nice to utilize when your nage doesn't throw you with enough momentum to put you into a backward roll.

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