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Re: Poll: Do you think we should rename aikido terminology from Japanese to other languages?

IMHO the Japanese language terminology should indeed continued to be used in the study and practice of Aikido. The first reason(s) I believe this tradition should be continued to be practiced is to honor the founder and all of those who followed for the many years they devoted to the study and practice of Aikido so that those of us alive today and those who will follow us will also be able to study and practice Aikido should they wish to do so. We must remember that although they may not be alive with us here today it was in fact those people who carried the ball for all of us and we in turn are carrying the ball for those who will follow us... An equally compelling reason for keeping the tradition of using Japanese terminology in Aikido is to continue to show respect to these same people. There is the unspoken yet common awareness we have that we respect those who had and have and were and are were willing to share with us who did and do not have.
I do believe that it would be entirely appropriate to build upon that which we are given if and when new knowledge deemed worthy to be included is brought to light, but to think that tearing down the entire structure, foundation and all, and continue to call that new thing Aikido
and believe doing that is a good idea is, IMO, incorrect reasoning. If and when one should decide to do that sort of thing it is best to begin an entirely new system with a completely different name, etc.. Just my two cents plus LOTS MORE!!!!! Peace, Justice & Love.


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