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Clark Bateman wrote:

Oh I understand completely what you're saying about dojo time. I go every day my dojo is open, but the other three days of the week I'm thinking about techniques, so I might as well be looking at an illustration of someone who knows (very well) what they're doing than relying completely on my memory (which is foggy at best).

Also, I defnitely need to work on memorizing some of the names of things that I've done... I'm really horrible at that. "Seiza" is about the only thing I can come up with right now... if that gives you any idea, and this program should help with that and is a more effective use of time to do outside the dojo than asking sensei 1000 times:

Doug: "What's this called again?"
Sensei: "This is the dojo..."

I do appreciate all the input though, and don't worry, I wasn't serious about rolling around on my concrete floors.... well a little... but not from standing!

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