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Question Starting on with beginners

I've been practicing Aikido for about 4 - 5 years now. Primary my teacher has been the same from the beginning. Now, just a week ago he ask me how would I feel about teaching the beginner's class. I wasn't sure what he meant until he pointed out simply that he was gonna leave the country for a week or two and wanted me to organize and teach a new beginner's class => "sure..."

I've been teaching the junior class for a year or two now. But lately my thoughts say that adults are a different matter. Children come to the dojo to play, get rid of some steam, and have fun. But adults actually expect you to teach them.

What does a average beginner want when he signs up to a Aikido class? He is after all paying to be taught so I think he expects to learn.

I'm kinda nerves that I can't give them that. See, I'm 20, and there might come people who are thrice my age. Would they actually take me searious?

Any similar thoughts from other people?

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