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Re: Aikido3D

Doug, this software is an interesting tool and worth the investment, but technically speaking, the proper place to learn anything of real value, especially for a beginner who needs fundamentals, is ON THE MAT. It's a little early after four classes to be mapping out your training strategy. Don't spend too much time "breaking down" and "analyzing" yet. Get in the dojo, take an overdose of basics, listen to your instructor's suggestions, and then at some point down the road, take stock of your progress, try to identify those areas which are lacking, and then set some goals and strategies. Aikido is a lifetime path for the dedicated student, and patience is a MUST.

As for "styles", whether your dojo is ASU, USAF, AAA, or McBudo, your instructor's Aikido is what you are dealing with the most, and his skill, attitude and ability will have more influence on you than anything else. The lines between styles are often blurry.
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