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Michael Zartman
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Re: Aikido3D

Doug Wiley,
I am ASU trained (through all kyu rankings), although I subsequently trained in Aikikai, and am currently training in an early Maruyama Sensei style. My current sensei also is very much enamored with the aikido of Nishio Sensei (on DVD), and we are cross-training in those techniques as well. My point is that, although Donovan Waite Sensei does represent a different style, I have found that the fundamentals are pretty similar across styles--that should be expected, as the fundamentals were created by one man, O'Sensei. I am very impressed with Aikido3D. I believe Waite Sensei's movement, as animated, is excellent. His aikido does seem to vary somewhat from the ASU techniques I learned (from Saotome Sensei and Hreha Sensei), but his aikido works, and works well. I think Aikido3D is one of the best tools I have seen for mudansha--not only does it show the fundamentals of attacks and techniques from different angles and at slow and fast speeds, but it helps to teach the terminology. It will not help you learn ukemi--you can't learn ukemi from a software program, DVD or tape--ukemi must be learned by doing on the mat. However, Aikido3D does reinforce fundamentals concerning footwork, as well as blending, distance and connection between nage and uke. It is a tool, not a replacement, for actual practice. My best advice to you is that, after just 4 classes, you should not roll around on your concrete apartment floor. Learning ukemi on an appropriate surface is the most important thing for beginners, but Aikido3D can show you what you can expect to accomplish as uke and nage through the different stages of your development. Good luck.
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