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Okay, so I'll tell you my situation, and someone let me know if they think this tool would be useful:

I'm a fourth-class (meaning I've been to four classes) aikido student. Everyone else in my dojo is much more advanced than I am, so I do my best to simply take the advice of sensei, watch the demonstrations, and let my techniques "flow". However, the technical/logical learner in me wants to spend lots of time breaking down and analyzing the small details in the movements (especially footwork!) which I feel can be a nuisance to bring up in class. When I first saw this program, I thought it would be a great tool for me to analyze technique to my hearts desire, and the physical refinement would take place in the dojo.

Also, my school is ASU affiliated, but we have Aikikai in our dojo name, so I'm not really sure if I'm learning the same things as are on this CD (although from the pictures/videos on the website I definitely recognize some common movements).

My biggest concern right now is to learn the most basic movements very very well... I don't care if I never pass a kyu exam, that's not what I'm in this for... I'm in it for the long term... so I know that investing as much time as possible into the most basic techniques (especially ukemi) will pay dividends later. So...

1. Will this help me learn* the most fundamental techniques (including ukemi)?
2. Will this help me learn the names of the techniques?
3. Is this even the same style of Aikido as the dojo I'm currently attending?
4. Most importantly, will this give me the confidence to roll around on my concrete apartment floor?

*learn = technically analyze, I understand that this is in no way shape or form a substitute for dojo training

Alright, this post has become way more long winded than I intended, but I am just starting to grasp the variety of styles/affiliations/techniques that are out there, so I wanted to be clear about my situation.

Thanks in advance!

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