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Doug Wiley wrote:
What "style" of Aikido is this for? I noticed they mentioned techniques from 5th-1st Kyu... isn't there a 6th Kyu? What are you called before 6th?

I thought about getting this just so I could see the footwork and learn the names of the techniques, since those seem to be my biggest problems.


The Aikido3D covers the following without the freestyle though.

I'd expect a higher level of ukemi because of Donovan's reputation. I wasn't impressed. In the iriminage, the uke step out backward with inside leg (closer leg to nage) to do a kind of backward with forward style. I tried that with my sensei. I found out my inside leg against my sensei's leg. I landed with my ass first. There simply no room to step back. Now I restorted back to my regular backward breakfall. I should ask Aikido3D for partial refund for my sore ass.

I wouldn't complain if Aikido3D from other source. But Donovan Sensei is known for his Ukemi. I expected better ukemi technique.

It speaks out the waza name in Japanese for every waza, which is very nice. I think it's a native Japanese speaker because it's very flat without the western tone.

Since I have no relationship to Aikido3D unless you count I bought a copy from them. I won't say the following list is accurate.

5th Kyu (6th Kyu + 60 days)

* Shomenuchi ikkyo (omote & ura)
* Tsuki kotegaeshi
* Shomenuchi iriminage
* Ushiro tekubitori kotegaeshi
* Katatetori shihonage (omote & ura)
* Morotetori kokyuho
* Ryotetori tenchinage

4th Kyu (5th Kyu + 80 days)

* Shomenuchi nikkyo (omote & ura)
* Ushiro ryokatatori kotegaeshi
* Yokomenuchi shihonage (omote & ura)
* Tsuki iriminage
* Ushiro tekubitori sankyo (omote & ura)
* Suwari waza:
o Shomenuchi ikkyo
o Katatori nikkyo (omote & ura)
o Katatori sankyo

3th Kyu (4th Kyu + 100 days)

* Yokomenuchi iriminage (2 ways)
* Ushiro ryokatatori sankyo (omote & ura)
* Yokomenuchi kotegaeshi
* Morotetori iriminage (2 ways)
* Tsuki kaitenage
* Shomenuchi sankyo (omote & ura)
* Suwari waza:
o Shomenuchi iriminage
o Shomenuchi nikkyo (omote & ura)
* Hanmi-handachi:
o Katatetori shihonage
o Katatetori kaitenage (uchi & soto mawari)

2nd Kyu (3rd Kyu + 200 days)

* Shomenuchi shihonage
* Morotetori nikkyo
* Shomenuchi kaitenage
* Yokomenuchi gokyo
* Ushiro tekubitori shihonage
* Ushiro tekubitori jujinage
* Ushiro kubishime koshinage
* Hanmi-handachi:
o Shomenuchi iriminage
o Katatetori nikkyo
o Yokomenuchi kotegaeshi

1st Kyu (2nd Kyu + 300 days)

* Katatori menuchi - 5 techniques
* Koshinage - 5 techniques
* Yokomenuchi - 5 techniques
* Morotetori - 5 techniques
* Shomenuchi - 5 techniques
* Ryotetori - 5 techniques
* Hanmi-handachi (ushiro waza - 5 techniques)
* Tantotori
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