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Re: Aikido and being Christian

I enjoy the background history of O'Sensei and the development of Aikido. I enjoy the romantic idealism and altruistic purpose of Aikido. I enjoy the observation of spirituality and sanctity in training.

Ueshiba Sensei was notorius for deliberate action and vagueness. Aikido is constructed in such a way to accomodate many different religious beliefs without sacrificing that which we hold as central to our religion(s). He was very proactive to put the burden of spiritual resolution on the individual, and challenge students to look introspectively at their beliefs and values. This was his invitation to us to learn aikido, not to mock an old man's exercise routine.

In our world, we do many things to preserve our life. We take vitamins and eat. We excercise. We see the doctor when we are sick. We go to church (or wherever). Aikido is a tool to keep my body, mind and spirit healthy. My first understanding is that Aikido will keep my body healthy. My second understanding is that Aikido will alter my conscious and attitude in respect to many things. My third understanding is that Aikido is not a replacement for my religion, but a supplement to becoming comfortable spiritually. These three understandings help me place Aikido in my life without conflict to my religion, my job, my wife, or those things that are most dear in life.

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