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Re: The Sixth Sense

Ian Dodkins wrote:
I think reactions ability does increase, but to some extent you have to be primed. For example, if a friend from work leaps out at you it is more difficult to react quickly than when you are walking down a dark street and someone leaps out at you. i.e. in the 2nd scenario you are aware there may be some danger.
I fully agree about the need to be primed. When doing randori, we tend to be more aware of people just outside of our field of vision. In a potentially dangerous situation (walking down a dark street), we tend to be more sensitive to our surroundings.

But, I'm just wondering. When we are in familiar surroundings, we tend to get lulled into a sense of security - which is why we can't anticipate sudden attacks. On the other hand, when we are more relaxed, shouldn't we be better able to feel the space around us?
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