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Steve Mullen
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Re: Rank-Aikido (pun intended)

Michael Varin wrote:
Why is the doshu so special and we are not? One of the important traits of a warrior is to not put anyone above or below you.Michael
With all due respect i feel that this is a glaring oversight, were the samurai not warriors? they lived to put their master above them, i believe it was musashi miyamotto (feel free to correct me on this one folks) who said that the only way to serve your master was to live as though you were already dead. if that's not putting someone above you then i don't know what is.

Don't get me wrong im not trying to compare aikidoka to the samurai class, but neither, i feel, can modern day martial artists hope to call themselves warriors.

Just my two pence worth

"No matter your pretence, you are what you are and nothing more." - Kenshiro Abbe Shihan
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