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Re: Rank-Aikido (pun intended)

Ian Hurst wrote:
However, there's another side of the equation which is being neglected. Often criticism is not accepted not because it's not due, but because we're all so poor at providing it constructively. As with everything, there's ways and means of giving a wake up call and there's times I would consider it inappropriate.
This is a part of training that I find very interesting. How to connect ...ummm, socially?...with a training partner so that we can train well and honestly together, and give each other constructive criticism.

Sometimes it's only possible for a very brief moment, or only up to a certain level, before it gets too stressful for one of us. Emotionally stressful I mean.

I think Sczcepan had a good point about making it safe for kohai to attack honestly. I feel safe not taking a fall for my teacher if he screws up, and if I didn't, I'd be thinking about changing dojo.

The hardest part is really when you give honest feedback as uke, and your partner has trouble with it, and you start to feel responsible for their distress, and back off. To be able to be compassionate and honest in that situation I think would be a great achievement.

I actually dreamed about this topic last night...
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