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Re: Rank-Aikido (pun intended)

Yes, the problem exists, though I doubt whether erank aikidof is a correct description. I became aware of it long before I came to Japan. I think it comes with the art, with the central role of the teacher and of ukemi in the art, and I think the problem would exist whether you are 'federation' or independent, whether you have ranks or not. My own opinions generally coincide with those of Szczepan, Charles Hill and Rupert.

I am 'federation' up to my neck, for my name appears on the Aikikai's Japanese website. However, I believe that Doshu is aware of the problem, as are the shihan and shidoin in the Hombu who are his usual ukes. My grounds for stating this are the private conversations I have had over the course of several years.

I am also pretty sure that others in the Aikikai, apart from myself, use the Internet and read forums such as this.

Since we are discussing on the basis of still photographs, perhaps it might be more appropriate to look at the tapes that go with Doshu's Kiban Aikido books. Yes, I know they are 'teaching' tapes, not tapes of demonstrations or regular practice, but I understood that the prpblem is not just one of Doshu, for example, having an off-day, but the deeper problem of actually executing particular waza incorrectly.

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