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Re: What is a benefit specifically of Aikido

I've watched this thread grow with interest as one after another poster seems to say there is nothing special about aikido.

If I were not already practicing aikido I think I'd read this and think "nothing special? don't think I'll bother then".

I do agree with many here that have already said that in martial terms there is nothing unique about the application of aikido techniques. They can all be found in other arts and it is no secret that O'Sensei utilised the techniques from his wide and varied experience.

For many mastery of these techniques is the goal, and for those that veiw their aikido this way then maybe yes - there is nothing special about aikido apart from being another flavour of jujitsu perhaps.

The question remains what is a benefit specifically of aikido? Or what characteristic is specific to aikido?

For me this is not in the techniques but in how they are applied.

We seek to blend. Not to destroy but to control uke through applying yin to yang, or yang to yin.

While the application is similar - this use of blending to create a form that is as harmonious as the Tao is unique.

The goal of controlling rather than destroying uke may also be unique.

I also think the complementary use of weapons forms is perhaps unique. Other forms use weapons but are they practiced to complement empty hand practice or are they an additional set of separate types of practice?

I don't know if tai chi or the chinese forms we see mentioned regularly on aikiweb also meet some of these criteria and if their aims lean towards control. If they do then maybe aikido is just in a small bunch rather than unique.

But I do think these aims (for those that accept them) differentiate aikido from being another jujitsu form.

I know already that many disagree. Maybe this diversity of interpretation is also unique to aikido...but knowing the mindset of many MA I very much doubt it.

Anyway - just my thoughts which I've tried hard to refrain from posting for several days now. In the end the lure of this thread was just too strong!


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