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Re: Rank-Aikido (pun intended)

Hiya Charles, interesting information and I'm fairly disgusted at the shihan involved. However, I'd personally feel more comfortable if the thread stayed in the realms of generalities rather than specific individuals - not because of the rank of the person in question, although Jun may find questions asked for "allowing" this thread to continue if this is pursued - but mainly because I don't like singling out any individual/group in such a debate.

I believe once you involve personalities, you detract from the argument as people polarize more quickly. David's already been devious enough here, deliberately using a highly ranked individual as his spring board to prevent the standard "not in my dojo" response - funny how none of us ever have the "bad aikido" railed against so diligently...

Well, guilty as charged I'm afraid. I have accepted technique that was poor without a murmur on several occasions when I've visited other dojos outside my normal purview - I was guest and they were rigid in their etiquette, what can I say. I've even failed miserably to correct my instructor when they're demonstrating to the class. On the plus side, we do foster honesty during normal practice, but I wonder if that's because a lot of us have known each other for so damn long. Thankfully it seems to becoming more of the normal dojo attitude, so some light there.

However, there's another side of the equation which is being neglected. Often criticism is not accepted not because it's not due, but because we're all so poor at providing it constructively. As with everything, there's ways and means of giving a wake up call and there's times I would consider it inappropriate.
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