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Amir Krause
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Re: Seidokan Aikido

Ron Tisdale wrote:
Hi Amir. Good post, and good to see you in this thread. I hope your teacher recovers soon.


If you ever tour near us - come and visit.

Amir, I'm honored by your offer, and by no means I was going to skip Shirokan dojo. After reading few discussions in other forums about this dojo, my impression was that I'm not "good enough" for it yet. I'll PM you a couple of questions, if you don't mind
Sent a PM back. In short, we have both advanced students and beginners in the class. And make no mistakes, advanced students have to work on the basics much of the time.

Actually, replacing Sensei in the last couple of lessons this has gave me quite and headache - experienced Yudansha on the on hand (some at my level, some better then me though less veteran) and several beginners on the other hand. It's quite a challenge, isn't it amazing how Sensei seems to solve these things so easily ?

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