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Re: Rank-Aikido (pun intended)

I have just browsed the pics on that site again and the Doshu himself comes out well in most, but not all, pics. What I noticed was how ukes just accept techniques too easily - you can tell from the situation - and you also know because that is what most of us do everyday.

Since coming to Korea I have concentrated on overcoming resistance (not letting you do it seems to be in the Korean psyche) and in the last two years am finally getting somewhere. Recently, I have been working on what I call Judo attacks. Judo people do not just grab and wait for you to do something. What I have been working on is practising the attack - grab and pull or push, grab and pull harder and so on. Really hard until uke can throw with just the attack (e.g., grab one hand and rear lapel - kinda looks like irimi-nage entrance, and really force them into the tatami). Then, try the techniques against these attacks. It either fails dismally or works like a charm. There is no inbetween. Still, a long way to go yet.

Some of the Tomiki threads herein have addressed a similar topic - how to make training more realistic.

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