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This old chestnut again......

No, seriously there is nothing wrong with this question - "is Aikido street would it fare against xxxxx-do etc...."

I personally started Aikido for self defence reasons, so the question of it's effectiveness has of course entered my mind. However, as the years have gone on, I now view Aikido as much more than just a potentially lethal form of defence.

Firstly, a good Aikidoka has an equal chance as any other good martial artist has, in a UFC type bout - if one was ever to enter. As someone very correctly pointed out; Aikido is a mixed martial art - albeit one that has had the time to evolve and blend nicely, but still mixed never-the-less. Therefore a 'good' Aikidoka, will be proficient at striking, throwing, ground control etc....

Secondly, in regards to combat effectiveness, yes Aikido can be devastating on the street. I have seen it and unfortunately - and I do mean that - had to use it. Aikido, technically is a very 'complete' martial art/way and the priciples of centering, focus and multiple attack awareness, are concepts echoed in many MMA's and 'Reality' based self defence systems. But make no bones about it - these MMA systems take just as long to be 'good' at as Aikido does. Combat is a very difficult skill to learn, do not think that MMA of any type will give you a 'quick fix' to a given situation - and that is what the teachers of these arts will say too.

Rob T
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