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Re: Rank-Aikido (pun intended)

Ron Tisdale wrote:

If I was partnered with Shioda Kancho

a) I would probably piss myself
I guess Shioda really is a bad example in this discussion... because I understand he didn't go out of his way to protect his ukes anyway, right? So it's not just a question of rank, it's also a question of is it physically safe. That said... I've trained with some people where all I did was keep myself safe while taking ukemi, because they were stronger than me, and had enough experience over me that they could have hurt me if I tried anything but go along, even if they did make mistakes...and I don't think that was good practice. Really, it's just another manifestation of the same - don't show a higher rank their mistakes, and the consequences in this case aren't social, but physical injury. I don't know that that isn't even worse.
b) I would be totally preoccupied with giving my best attack, and then being prepared for the world to tilt. Permanently.
But I asked, if he made a mistake, and you didn't need to fall? Would you still fall?

Maybe just from the shock?

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