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Re: Rank-Aikido (pun intended)

Well Roosvelt, I believe O'sensei had a policy relating to his students trying to hit him, but Im not sure as to what this 'attach him' policy is you speak of? Was it like transformers? Were his deshi allowed to morph with him anytime to create one huge aiki-bot? Did they take the forms of cars/tanks/planes/helicopters/trucks ala the original transformers or were they in the much hated 'beast wars' animal forms? Was it a war between the good aikikai bots and the evil shodo-decepticons?

What is this jo-trick you refer to?

Why do you rest your case? It is far from conclusive I reckon?

Ron, hilarious and so true. I would piss myself too. Even if Shioda sensei was making a mistake in his technique I believe that you wouldnt have time to point it out before your arm was ripped from your socket. Everyone makes mistakes, even the best. Nothing is perfect, whether trained in the right or the wrong way. Some people are better than others, FACT. And thats that.

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