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Re: Aikido injuries

Real quick, and simple. Respect for parents begets respect for your Sensei which in return begets continued respect for your parents ( Per Sensei -a general respect as defined by Western society as any teacher, professor, or instructor for that position and effort- lets not get weird with this, even though, I know, I can't stop, anyone from getting weird with what I just said, or going to some kind of dictionary to define terms).

I don't think the daughter should stop Aikido, but Aikido isn't a career and we have to be realistic about it. Medicine isn't an easy field. It is very demanding, and more then not, family takes the very back seat. Surgeons and other MDs have a very high rate of suicide and divorce rate which you don't hear about. Therefore, decision must be carefully made IMO. Aikido in the most general Western sense is a hobby. Hey, golf is spiritual too ( let's not get weird on that either).

I would applaud the daughter if she is still doing Aikido in 10 years as a successful surgeon ( plastic surgery is an exception if that is what she will be doing). I say this because their is numerous times where my surgeon friend and I are interrupted, thus never finishing a meal, or conversation without the beeper going off over the years. I can give you a block long list of similar complaints his wife and kids have having a surgeon as a husband and father. I don't think the man is capable of being able to relax. He functions on an average of 2-4 hrs a sleep a night. I think the most he has every had since I known him was 6 hrs during his yearly vacation to keep himself sane. And works on an average 7 days a week, and there is no such thing for him an 8 hr shift as he is either on call or meeting the demands of his Patience's or the hospital's.

The father's concern IMO was not to be argued. A rough class would jeopardize her career if a bad injury took place and it could happen. You can't discount the father's initial concerns. Luckily, she is taking a class under a medically licensed sensei who is aware of her career goals. This according to the father has eased his concerns. You can't put him down for being a father, and put Aikido above that. Aikido is wonderful sure, but people can live without it. And respecting a parents' concern in such a matter maybe more atune to Aikido-like then rejecting a parent's concern. It goes without saying all this is a personal decision, as the father asked for input, thus I gave him what I knew and experienced.

It may upset some that I don't seem to have an Aikido or Bus, or viva la Aikido type attitude. Simply then pls. keep in mind it is my opinion which differs from yours, and I am not trying to rock the boat. Thanks for that consideration. It is greatly appreciated.

Everyone have a nice day, and meaningful practices.
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