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Re: Rank-Aikido (pun intended)

David Valadez wrote:
You know, if you look at this sociologically, this is really a form of competition - a social contract by which one can provide an honest martial response outside of there being an intimacy present.

From that point of view, I find this agreement that Osensei had with this students very relative.

I have to ask: What is your intetnion here? What are you trying to get at?

If you are concerned for the quality of aikido, then fine. If you think that Doshu, as Keeper of the Way, is not living up to the title and is therefore the cause of all aikido slacking off in quality, then I'll ask you to come right out and say so.

But now you come along and say that O'Sensei had a standing "competition" going with his uchideshi, despite O'Sensei being against competition of any sort.

I can't help but wonder ...

... well, I'm just trying to figure out the point and purpose of your thread. That's all.

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