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Opps....sorry about not spell checking prior to my posting. I hit the wrong button. I have a limited amount of time to compose, therefore, I write as I respond, and eat. I have a short time for lunch. It is evident I am unable to do extensive proofing or write a draft prior to posting. I am reposting with spelling corrections. Thank you for your understanding.


Pls, allow me to apologize for the gross misspelling of filial as Fidel previously. I don't mean to confuse anyone.

I heard, don't know if it is true, but during the Vet Nam war, many young woman sold themselves for sex to survive. I hear in young Filipinas and other young woman in impoverished countries sell themselves for sex to survive. Even worse in some countries the families force their daughters into selling sex to eat. Horrible. With all the issues the US has am sure glad that isn't an option as it in those other countries.

Speaking of the elderly parents, I was told once there was a town in Japan as some time that pushed their parents off a cliff when the got to a certain age, as caring for them was a burned on the children. Boy, I am glad that doesn't happen anymore in Japan, if it did. I guess now in both countries they push the elderly to the side. There is a lack of parental care and respect. Which reminds me of a old movie that dealt with that problem among many in Japanese society, it was called something like "Des ka den" (?) by Kurosawa. There is also the Chinese made movie called "Pushing Hands" it deals with how off-spring deal with their elderly parents.

Of course, I wasn't going to such an extreme that say so many people splitting hairs. But, consider this. You are in a society that doesn't have Medicare, retirement, and all the other things in most modern societies that function for all of us when we get old. Basically, you as a parent are dependent on your children for you survival and quality of life until you die. What a terrible situation to be in when your family doesn't take care of you. You end up in the street at say 70 years old and you are too old and weak to contribute to society, yet, not on your death bed, you face the harsh realities of trying to survive. All the well knowing no one will help you, no one cares, and you will die from exposure to the elements, starvation or worse. Or you instill in your kids to care for you until you die. You insure, by raising your kids, that they are grateful, and caring and will return in kind your best interest- if where a good and caring parent. That way you will not die in the street like an abandoned animal in misery. Who wants to die that way?

Well, of course, when I mentioned filial piety it was in context of today and modern Western society, since the father and daughter are from the west. Respect for parents is more accurate if people really require such precise accuracy. For those of us who have raised kids we know the importance of respect a child must have for parents- here we are pointing to good and caring parents of today- as it is carried on to others in society, such as teachers, and others. To be more detailed, here is where Aikido comes in. Aikido, I would think being a Japanese martial art and Osensei having his students respect him, includes respect for the Sensei. As a Sensei is a teacher. How far you want to go in terms of respect is a personal decision. My reference was that if the daughter trained in Aikido and Aikido has that element to ( what ever degree) of filial piety, then do her practice or training would not take her father's concern lightly. I would expect a snot nose teenager in rebellion mode ( often not know what their are rebelling for) to shrug off any parental advisement. Clearly, this woman ( the daughter ) is beyond that stage and has a mature relationship with her parents. But I could be wrong, she could be a teenager, but I don't' think so. Therefore, even in Western society filial piety does exist regardless if we see it our not. How sad would society be if we mocked filial piety.
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