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Re: Rank-Aikido (pun intended)

Pauliina Lievonen wrote:
So I have a question to all of you taking part in this discussion so far - if you were partnered with Doshu, or Shioda sensei for that matter (if it was possible), and they made a mistake in their technique - would you take the fall? Or would you point it out (by not falling when you didn't need to)? let's assume it's just practice, not a demo, so it's not that public.

I wish I could say I would... but I probably wouldn't. Unless they did it repeatedly often enough that I'd get pissed off... which is not really an answer I'm happy with either.


This is another excellent way of getting to this topic via a more personal level. I would say the same thing as Pauliina - probably not, certainly not at some camp (which is also a type of training and not necessarily a demo). Almost immediately you can feel the social ramifications of such actions - where the best you could do is act like you sort of messed up because you suck or because you didn't know something or another. Either way, you take the blame: "Oh sorry Dohsu, my fault." Maybe you gain some insight you just keep to yourself - staying silent - but that's about it. However, we have none of this stuff come up when we are working with our Kohai or our peers. When we are with kohai or peers, all of sudden such resistance and/or such exposure is not only the right thing to do, not only a good thing, it is something we do for their (i.e. kohai) own good.

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