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Re: Rank-Aikido (pun intended)

He was throwing/pinning an uke, not 'taking down a real opponent'. Just to nitpick. Interesting thread, I was discussing this the other day, sometimes a flaw in technique is a bad thing, sometimes it is not. It's these little idiosyncracies that make each of our aikido our own. Yes, I agree, rank aikido does happen, I have seen it, It's not the best thing in the world but as long as you practise sincerely then forget about what others are doing.

In most aikido, we are told to keep our feet on the floor, grounded, strong posture etc etc. I have seen pictures of shioda sensei on one leg while slamming someone into the mat, looks like incorrect technique? Well, yes it does. But, being on one leg while you tansfer weight to the other one during the throw allows for more body weight/drop behind the technique. Much like when you punch, you punch with your body moving, rather than from standing still and flat footed.

No aikido is ever going to be perfect, with photography we can see these inherent flaws in any aikidoka, however, someone like Shioda sensei or the doshu is still going to be better than the vast majority of aikidoka out there. They are/were still learning, just like the rest of us, eh?

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