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Re: Rank-Aikido (pun intended)

Steve Mullen wrote:
I think the general point put across by the thread starter is a good one and a true one, but i think that the vessel used to make this point is inherantly flawed. still photos take a snapshot of reality, every woman's magazine editor knows this only too well, they always have pictures of 'gorgeous' people looking uglier than sin. does this mean that becuase there was a picture of halle berry with sweat patches under her arms that she always sweats? no, it means that for in that snapshot she was.
What are apples and oranges?

Those photoes weren't taken inside Dusho's home when he got out of bed or relaxed in a couch with a beer on hand. He was taking down a real opponent in a professional demonstration.

If any those of your "gorgeous" people had a habit of looking uglier than sin in the cat walk or the movie sets, they'd find theirselves out of any job very quickly.
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