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Re: Aikido injuries

Ron Tisdale wrote:
Hmm, aikido waza comes from Daito ryu waza, and I've never known anyone that was killed or maimed practicing Daito ryu waza...Maybe they are out there though, and I just haven't heard about it.
I don't know if he used Daito ryu techniques specifically, but Sokaku Takeda maimed and killed a few people in his time!

As for aikido techniques not being used to maim or kill...
When a concrete surface is introduced, things can get pretty cruddy for someone being thrown. (or if they're thrown over the side of a building's roof) Many of us also know that limbs could be severely hurt if we applied a little more torque just a little bit faster...

It really is all about the intent. I think that Doc2B's daughter should train in aikido, but my opinion is based on my life experiences, not hers. Also in my opinion, she should avoid training with an instructor that's too rough. If his income were dependent upon the well being of his students, perhaps he would treat their bodies with more respect.

There are good instructors out there. I've trained with a few. Don't let one jerk stop someone from learning aikido! There are risks involved with aikido training just as much as there are in petting an animal. Hand injury could result in either!

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