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Re: Rank-Aikido (pun intended)

John Boswell wrote:

As for the original poster who found 3 or 4 pics that showed bad form or posture or whatever... I have a question for you:

Ever had a bad day?
Ever mess up a technique and wish you could do it over again because you knew you were better than that?
Ever had a lower ranking person tell you how you are doing something wrong?

This whole thread is bogus. Interesting questions, and definitly something to think about. But, imho, the whole damn thing is speculation based on incomplete information... and I'm being nice in saying so.
Well John if you could forget the pictures then, perhaps you can shed more light on this topic by sharing more of your experience and/or feeling - it would be appreciated.

Not wanting to ignore you, I think I posted above on what you write here when I replied to a similar comment made by Peter.

Thanks for the reply,
ps. If one is too stuck on the pics and the "unfairness" of their usage, etc., please feel invited to check out pictures of my own practice at our web site - there are videos and pics. Hopefully, one can take this gesture in good faith and thus be able to talk about the topic.

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