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Amir Krause
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Re: Essence of Seidokan Aikido?

Dmitry Doronin wrote:

Ron, thanks, but considering how selective they known to be in accepting new students, I just don't feel myself ready at this moment to give it a try.

We are that selective ???
I doubt it. It is true we expect people to commit when joining, and do not normally have free trial lessons. Nor are we willing to let a student from another non-Korindo dojo (in Israel, visitors from abroad are welcome ) just drop by to visit uninvited.
But we are very happy to accept new students. And give them the fullest attention of Sensei and Sempai, to the point the first few lessons are as close as it gets to a private lesson (this is one of the reasons for no trial lessons - we can't spare that much attention for nothing, and the first lessons are so different from any others).

I have found that the best things in life don't come easy.
I am not sure we qualify there. But when trying to find an Aikido Dojo in Tel-Aviv, I wouldn't skip our Dojo.
Actually, more because of Sensei Shlomo David knowledge and experience. about which I can write he is unparalleled in Israel with regard to Aikido - the most veteran teacher, a full time M.A. teacher, and senior in other M.A. (Judo, Karate) too.
You should also consider the number of Yundasha in the group, which is substantially larger then in most groups around (too many have Shodan/Nidan teachers - at the same level as us sempai in the Dojo).

Obviously, that does not mean Korindo Aikido is the right answer for you. Every person is different

The Dojo site:
Sensei is currently slightly injured - has more time to talk, and most of the group guiding is being done by us sempai. Though Sensei does keep an eye on us

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