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Re: Breathing Exercise and Meditation

Trevor Wolfe wrote:

3. Allow your lower stomach to expand all the way and let the expansion move all the way to the top of your chest, like a wave so you get the maximum amount of oxygen, leaning back and tilting your head back helps.
I see. Here you pull down your diaphram and let air fill the lung.

Trevor Wolfe wrote:
5. Start exhaling from your Hara pushing your stomach out to a point of tension so the oxygen clears out beginning at the top of your lungs due to the effect of your Hara.
Here you push up your diaphram to purge the air out of your lung.

Basically, you keep your chest normal, push your stomach out to a ball shape, and use your stomach muslce to move your diaphram up and down to breath.

Thanks. It makes perfect sense.
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